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Wide-Open Space

Amy Oden

Church of the Resurrection Insights Blog

2.14.24 Matthew 18:21-35

In Matthew Jesus tells a story about a debt-forgiving king and score-keeping servant. It makes me wonder about my own score-keeping and if maybe that’s the thing I might give up for Lent?


What if I stopped keeping score about who is right and wrong, good and bad? What if I stopped keeping score about who helped who or about who is a better friend/Christian/mother/person? What if I just stopped?


My score-keeping is subtle and sneaky, usually not a fully conscious level. I’m keeping score when I carry on imagined arguments in my head to convince someone of my own view. I’m keeping score when I compare my life to the seemingly perfect and fun-filled lives of others on social media. I’m keeping score when I resent the time or energy I give. 


Jesus invites me into a whole new way of being – one that doesn’t keep score, doesn’t compare, hold grudges or demand pay-backs. This is the “wide-open, spacious life” (2 Corinthians 6:11, The Message). This is abundant life, the Jesus-Way Life.


So maybe for Lent I will fast from keeping score and see what wide-open space God opens up in my life to do a new thing.



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