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I enjoy interacting with folks, and one of the best ways for us to connect is at my lectures, workshops and book signings. Have a look below at what’s coming up next and get in touch to schedule an event with your group.



2021-2022 Workshop for Early Career Faculty in Theological Schools, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

2021-2022 Spiritual Direction Practicum, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

January - Welcoming the Stranger Seminar, Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church, FL

February - Keynote Speaker, Ministers Convocation, Holston Annual Conference, TN


March - Spiritual Formation Virtual Retreat, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary


April - Asian-Pacific Conference on Mindfulness


May - 5 Day Academy for Spiritual Formation, LA

June - Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, NC

October 3-7 -Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

October 14-16- Spiritual Renewal Retreat, Old Mission UMC, Kansas City, KS


October 28-30- Mindfulness Seminar, Davidson College Presbyterian Church, NC

November 6 - Welcoming the Stranger, National Cathedral, Washington, DC

November 14-18 - 5 Day Academy for Spiritual Formation, Canyon Camp, OK

Upcoming Events 2023

January 13-15 - Good Shepherd UMC, Kansas City, MO

January 16-20 - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, PA

January 22-27 - Academy for Spiritual Formation, Camp McDowell, AL

February 27-28 - Beyond Conference, The Gathering, St. Louis, MO



Contact Amy for available dates and topics.

Frequent topics include:
Ancient Spirituality for Contemporary Life

Welcoming the Stranger

Practice of Christian Mindfulness

Christian Spiritual Practices

Praying with the Saints

Spiritual Practices for Justice-Seeking Lives

Women in Christian History

Desert Mothers and Fathers

Wesleyan Spirituality

Flower in Sunlight



Breathing Room: Teaching, Learning and Our Common Life, Wabash Podcast Dialogue on Teaching


Hospitality as Christian Practice with Imago Dei Community


International Christian Mindfulness Conference online


Spiritual Life During COVID-19, Interview on Academy for Spiritual Formation.


Spiritual Encouragement and Mindfulness during Chaos, Church of the Resurrection, Women’s Ministry Podcast 


Mustering Spirituality and Imagination, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning, Webinar


Contemplify Podcast Mindfulness in the Christian Tradition




Welcoming the Stranger, Arlington-Alexandria Districts, UMC April 28


Discernment for Church Planters, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary  June 3-6


Digital Salon, Engaging Imagination as Theological Faculty, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

"Dreammaking in an Age of Doomscrolling: Following Jesus at the End of an Era," Academy for Spiritual Formation online Day Apart, September 26


International Christian Mindfulness Conference online, October 3-10

Events : Upcoming Events
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