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Amy Oden Insights Blog for Church of the Resurrection

James 5:8 “You also must wait patiently.”

Wait patiently? That’s a muscle I barely use. In fact, most of the time I forget I even have a “wait patiently” muscle. My “react immediately” muscle, however, is very well developed. It automatically steps in before my brain even engages. In fact, my “react immediately” muscle pretty much rules my life.

Yet, what I know, deep in my bones, is that if I will slow down and pay attention to the unfolding of life, I inevitably see the Life-Giver at work. I get glimpses of grace, possibility, blessing.

In a world that demands instant reactivity, James advises waiting. In a world that grabs for quick fixes, James advises patient endurance. In a world that rewards outrage, James advises “do not judge.”

This following Jesus stuff is not easy. James makes that clear. But it is the Way of Life. I want to walk this path.


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