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Feeling Alive

Romans 8:1-11

Amy Oden

Think back over the last week or so. When did you feel alive? Really alive? What was happening at the time? What did that feel like in your body? In your spirit?

Sometimes feeling alive can be excitement over something new, a fresh energy about possibilities or the promising green shoots of new life. Sometimes feeling alive can be a quiet knowing, an awareness of contentment with things as they are or the overflow of gratitude for small, daily graces given.

Sometimes feeling alive shows up as a restlessness to go deeper, to seek the longings underneath the clutter on the surface of things. And, feeling fully alive can sometimes feel like deep sorrow, one’s heart like a banked fire of glowing embers, the love that remains. And you will notice other ways, too.

Pay attention to these moments when you feel alive. Some of these moments feel exhilarating. Some are hard. These mark Life in the Spirit. These moments invite us to live more free, real, rooted lives, grateful and open-hearted for the world God so loves. Amen.


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