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Be Love

Amy Oden

Church of the Resurrection Insights Blog

The BE campaign has begun! Be Just. Be Kind. Be Humble. Deceptively simple, yet can be hard to live.

I used to think that if I was a good person, I’d be able to just naturally be kind. And that if I can’t love others, then that means I’m a bad person. Why can’t I just dig down deep and summon up kindness or love?

What I’ve noticed over the years of walking with Jesus is that I cannot, on my own, summon love out of nothing, especially for people who are bullies or unkind themselves. (Ugh, I hate admitting that, deep down, it feels like some people don’t “deserve” kindness!).

Then I realized: I don’t have to summon kindness out of nothing. God already loves this person. What if I just turned to God and God’s love flowing for that person? The more I could visualize God’s love like beams of light pouring over that person, the more I could get on board and the more I could be kind, just riding God’s coattails.

My spiritual practice now is first to step into the flow of God’s love, so that I can BE kind or just or loving from that Source.

Try an experiment today: Visualize someone (or group) with whom you struggle to be kind or just or humble. Visualize God’s love flowing into that person. See what happens.


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