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Illuminating ancient wisdom for contemporary life.

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Christian Mindfulness


Check out Amy's latest book, Right Here, Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness (2017). Looking over the popular landscape of mindfulness movement, you might never know that mindfulness is part of Christian tradition. In this book Amy traces ancient mindfulness practice throughout Christian history and offers step-by-step instructions for practicing mindfulness today.


On the United Methodist Women Reading Program List 

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Dr. Amy G. Oden is a working professor, teaching church history and Christian spirituality for several seminaries. She has served on the faculties of Oklahoma City University, Saint Paul School of Theology and Wesley Theological Seminary where she also served as Dean.  She holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Southern Methodist University and a baccalaureate in Letters from University of Oklahoma.

Born and raised on the prairies of Oklahoma, Amy has found her spiritual home under the wide-open sky. Her passion is to introduce spiritual practices that can ground and nourish lives for justice in the world.

Amy teaches theology, history of Christianity and spiritual formation, walking with students in learning. She has won teaching awards and is in demand as a speaker.

Amy is a spiritual director, companioning people as they listen for God in day-to-day life.

She has published 4 books that all focus on bringing voices of ancient wisdom to inform and illuminate contemporary life.

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Ancient Wisdom for Life Today



Amy's second book on hospitality, God’s Welcome offers wisdom on the challenge of welcoming the stranger for communities today



Amy has published two books on the radical practice of hospitality in Christian tradition. The first one, And You Welcomed Me: Sourcebook on Hospitality in Early Christianity, documents the early Christian practice of welcoming the stranger through primary source writings.



Her first book, In Her Words: Women’s Writings in the History of Christian Thought (1994), highlights original source writings by women from across Christian history. While Amy believes it’s important to know what Christianity has had to say about women, it’s even more important to know what women have had to say about Christianity.  This book offers a great starting place

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Oden deftly lifts up a clear template for what lies at the core of all spiritual practice: mindfulness--a simple awareness within ordinary life of divine presence, here and now."

--Marjorie J. Thompson, author of Soul Feast

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