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Unusual Kindness

Commentary on Scripture for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Acts 28, "They Showed Us Unusual Kindness" Paul’s journey to Rome is full of lots of action. Just picture it all: rough sailing on choppy seas, shipwreck, foreign lands, strange people, snakebite, healings, more stops in foreign ports, new encounters and adventures. I can imagine this as a Hollywood blockbuster full of dramatic moments, a sort of mash-up of Perfect Storm and Cast Away. With all this excitement, it might be easy to miss a less dramatic but common thread through this account, stories of hospitality and welcome that abound at each point along the way. When we slow down and look closely through these verses, the act

First Name Basis

Insight Blog Church of the Resurrection Do not use Yahweh your God’s name as if it were of no significance (Exodus 20:7). We call people we hardly know by their first name. That is a development of the late 20th century. Until the 1960’s, courtesy required using titles when addressing others, usually Mr. or Mrs. Even spouses used these titles – I remember my grandmother referring to her husband as Mr. Oden. This courtesy was required especially for those whom one respected; anyone older or in positions of authority were addressed with an honorific. Of course, this system of verbal deference supported status and power for some and not for others, especially in a racialized society. People of


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