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Reactive Lives

Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 Commentary WorkingPreacher.org July 7, 2019 This is the third passage in the last four weeks that invites us to step out of the reactivity that the world around us reinforces. Jesus offers instead the consistent promise of peace and the nearness of God’s kin-dom. This commentary will focus on verses 5-11, a section bookended by clear commands from Jesus to his followers about how to respond, not react, as they engage the world they live in. Jesus offers two clear proclamations. Two proclamations The story of Jesus’ sending of the 70 gives a rare window into what it looked like to follow Jesus in the first generation. In verses 5-6 Jesus sends out disciples with the first

The Pivot

Luke 9:1-62 Commentary WorkingPreacher.org June 30, 2019 We’ve all felt it. The rise in our gut when someone rejects our most cherished beliefs. We recognize the need to justify our views, prove we are right, defend our faith. But we don’t stop there. We also have the impulse to attack -- to show how that person is wrong, misguided, even unfaithful. If we have structural or institutional power, we may move to shut them down and “command fire to come down from heaven and consumer them” figuratively if not literally. If we have military or political power, we may use it to harm and punish. We saw the violence of this zeal two weeks ago from Saul in Acts 9. It’s no surprise, then, that James an


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