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Pentecost for the Displaced

WorkingPreacher.org Commentary Pentecost Sunday June 9, 2019 Acts 2: 1-21 It happened on the subway platform in Moscow. I’d been there for a week and I don’t speak Russian or understand it. For several days, my ears had been in a sea of gibberish, random sounds that I couldn’t understand. Then, in an instant of clarity, I heard English from the other end of the platform. It was like a beam of light, piercing through all other sounds, straight to my ear. American English, no less. My native language. It was a homing beacon, sharpening my senses to its signal. I felt every molecule in my body relax as I focused on the voice and understood the words. It felt like coming home. In the Pentecost s

Ruth and Naomi

Insights Blog, Church of the Resurrection My first and deepest welcome came from my parents. I’ve been incredibly blessed to be loved by a mother and father who welcomed me into the world, into their lives, into my own life. This gave me the model for how God welcomes each of us. For some of us, this kind of deep welcome into Life has comes through our friends, our “family of choice” or our extended families. Naomi finds this deep welcome from a surprising source – her daughter-in-law, Ruth. “Wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you stay, I will stay” (v. 16). As their difficult journey unfolds, Ruth and Naomi each find a deep welcome, a belonging, in one another. Perhaps this is what a


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