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Sympathy for Saul?

Acts 9:1-6 WorkingPreacher.org Commentary For Sunday, May 5, 2019 It’s a dramatic story. A villain struck down by a flash of light. Jesus’ disembodied voice calling him out. We tend to assume that Saul is the bad guy in the story. But is he? It’s important to remember that Saul sees himself as the good guy trying to protect the faith. Saul loves God and wants to stamp out anything that, in his view, dishonors God. In this case, that means the Jews in the movement around Jesus. God’s Champion When he breathes “threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord” (verse 1) Saul is God’s champion going after “bad Jews.” He sees Jesus’ followers as those within his own faith needing rescue

Jesus and Families of Choice

Church of the Resurrection Insights Blog John 19:25-27 Many people have a “family of choice” as well as a “family of origin.” That is, friends with whom we are close, to whom we turn and on whom we rely, who function as family and who are sometimes as close or closer than our family of origin. Jesus does this, too. He expands family beyond biological ties as he calls his followers into new relationships (Mark 3:33-35). Here, in John 19, Jesus invites two people into a new relationship of care. There is an Irish saying, "It is in the shelter of one another that we live.” Jesus invites his mother Mary and his friend John to shelter one another’s lives. A family of choice. Even on the cross Jes


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