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Shepherds in our Midst

"Insights" Blog Church of the Resurrection Luke 2:8-20 The Luke passage make me wonder: who are the shepherds in my life? Who are the people I might not even notice, who nevertheless have amazing news -- first given to them by a messenger from God and then confirmed with their own eyes? Who are everyday people who have a witness about the amazing things God is doing in out-of-the-way, off-the-radar places every, single day? Jesus’ birth didn’t make the headlines in all the Jerusalem papers and cable news shows. People were too busy with sideline analysis of the politically powerful. Their gaze was focused only on celebrity. The religious people completely missed God’s coming into the world i

Drunk or Filled?

Church of the Resurrection Insights Blog Ephesians 5:15-21 “Don’t get drunk on wine” (v. 18). It’s a bit shocking that Paul has to warn Christians about getting drunk. I tend to forget that people in all times of history have tried to distract themselves from life’s pain. Drunkenness can dull the disappointments of life, distract from the sharp edges of relationships, and numb us from the inflammatory news cycle. But it is not only wine that we use to numb and distract. There are many “drugs of choice”—gossip, work, social media or even sports—we use when life overwhelms or when we no longer know how to relax. It can be a relief to binge on news or gossip about others’ lives as a way to avoi


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