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To All the Saints: Philippians 1 Commentary

Working Preacher Commentary Philippians 1: 1-18a May 6, 2018 As we move from Easter to Pentecost, this is a great time to invite congregations to hear the communal character of the good news. The gospel is no lone ranger enterprise. It’s a partnership for all the saints, the whole church. What difference does it make that Paul is writing his letters to an entire community, the ecclesia(assembly) in Philippi? He could have addressed his letter just to the elders there. He could have written directly to the bishop, telling him what to say to his flock and what to do next. He could have exercised a “chain of command” understood both in the Roman household and the Roman Empire that recognizes au

What Would Jesus Say to the 1%?

Church of the Resurrection Insights Blog April 18, 2018 When I consider what Jesus has to say to the 1% of the world, I think about the Jesus-followers across history who warned about the dangers of power and wealth. Today we tend to assume that power and wealth provide security, the opposite of danger. Yet, along with Jesus, the Christian tradition teaches that it’s not that simple. Here are two examples: John Chrysostom, a fiery preacher in the 300’s in the capital of the Roman Empire, challenged the suspicions that many of his wealthy parishioners had about the poor. He says his parishioners are too quick to accuse those asking for help of “being idle” or “not willing to work.” Or, he say


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